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JET History
Norb Anthony
Jay Bohannon
Jim Cook
Jim Connors
Michael Dee
Mason Dixon
Hit Man Mike
Johnny Holiday
Hollywood Hammer
The Janitor
Myron Jones
Dave Kaelin
Barney Luv
Martin and Warvel
Sandy Beach
Harpo Marx
Russ Michales
The Mighty Quinn (Tony Quinn)
Mike The Owl
Jet Millionaire
Bill Page
Barney Pip
Cat Shannon
Neal R. Sharpe
Shawn Steele
Jerry Trambley
JET History

JET radio began as a small AM station on Erie's Ash Street back in 1951.
Founded by two young men, Myron Jones and William Fleckenstein, with big dreams and little cash, JET would evolve into the areas best known and most successful boradcasting company with a 50-year history.
WJET premiered as Erie's first independent all music radio station, an entirely new kind of station with exciting disc jockey personalitites such as Frank Martin, Bob Conners, Ray Otis, Ernie Davis, Don Evans and Barney Pip.  JET was among the first stations anywhere to have a strict playlist, and Kay Jones served as Music Director for the first twenty years.
More personalities evolved through the 60's & 70's such as Johnny Holiday, Randy Michaels, Oggie Pringle and Al Knight.  Ron Seggi, Barney Luv, and Jim Cook led the way into the start of the 80's.
JET radio's 35th year brought about a change to FM...JET-AM 1400 became JET-FM 102, and regained #1 ratings behind the leadership of PD Jim Cook.  Frank Martin celebrated 40 years as JET's morning DJ, and was inducted into The Museum of Television & Radio in New York City.
JET's co-founder William Fleckenstein retired in 1990 after a successful 35-year career with WHOT in Youngstown, OH, a sister-station of WJET.  Myron Jones , JET Broadcasting Founder and CEO for 50 years, retired in 2001, having pioneered a radio style that is emulated everywhere today.
(Special thanks to Myron Jones for providing this information, excerpted from a forthcoming book about Erie history.)