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JET History
Norb Anthony
Jay Bohannon
Jim Cook
Jim Connors
Michael Dee
Mason Dixon
Hit Man Mike
Johnny Holiday
Hollywood Hammer
The Janitor
Myron Jones
Dave Kaelin
Barney Luv
Martin and Warvel
Sandy Beach
Harpo Marx
Russ Michales
The Mighty Quinn (Tony Quinn)
Mike The Owl
Jet Millionaire
Bill Page
Barney Pip
Cat Shannon
Neal R. Sharpe
Shawn Steele
Jerry Trambley
Cat Shannon


Cat Shannon worked at JET from 1991-1994, doing mainly
weekends and swing shifts - including the Road Show
occasionally. But Cat's claim to fame is coming in 2nd at the
Mr. Puniverse Contest in '93 - thanks, Neal, for nominating me!
Cat currently works for the Lynchburg Police Department
in Lynchburg, Virginia.